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Thompson's Kiri St Johns Wort

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Thompson's St Johns Wort

Long valued for its properties in ‘driving out the devil’ and thwarting ‘dreadful melancholic thoughts’, St John’s Wort (Hypericum) has been used by herbalists for centuries in mood improvement and controlling anxiety.

Now, however, clinical research into the world’s No.1 St John’s Wort supplement has shown that a two to four week course of Kira can help maintain a healthy emotional balance and treat mild to moderate depression.

Kira is made from a standardized extract of Hypericum perforatum, commonly know as St John’s Wort. They Hypericum extract is obtained from the upper parts of the plant using the flowers and leaves, which are gently dried before being made into tablets under stringent quality control. Thi this way Kira tablets provide a standardized product to ensure your daily intake of its active ingredients are at an effective level and of consistently high quality.

Many experts believethat the important active constituents of Hypericum are natural substances caller ‘Hypericins’. The yield and quality of Hypericins can be affected by their method of extraction which is why Kira’s standardized extract ensures you obtain the richest source of Hypericins in every Kira tablet you take. Each Kira tablet provides 300mcg of total Hypericin, an optimum and effective amount.

Kira has been available in Germany since January 1994, and it is there that most of the research on Hypericum has been undertaken. The number one authority on Hypericum Perforatum, Lichtwer Pharma has invested over $12 million in the largest body of research undertaken to date on Hypericum. The therapeutic efficacy of Kira has been confirmed in numerous controlled studies.

Kira is extremely well tolerated with no known risk of addiction or dependence.


Standardized St John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum)
Yielding 300mcg total Hypericin

Direction for use

One tablet to be taken three times daily, with food

Indications for Use

Kira is used in the treatment of depressive mood disorder characterized by psychological symptoms (restlessness, depression, despondency, insomnia) and physical symptoms (sweating, gastrointestinal complaints, headaches, palpitations, exhaustion).

Kira has mood-brightening and stimulant actions and reduces tension. Normal sleep is promoted through its relaxant effect on the nervous system but Kira does not cause weariness or impair the ability to drive ore operate machinery.

Due to the lack of available safety data regarding the use of a number of herbs in pregnancy we generally do not recommend this product be taken while pregnant, unless professionally prescribed.


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