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Bee Venom and Joint Pain
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Bee Venom for Joint Pain, Inflammation and Mobility - Factsheet

What is Bee Venom used for?

Bee Venom has historically been helpful for reducing inflammation, promote healing and can offer a natural pain releif for joint pain - but more recently has also been remarked as an alternative to Botox.

We have not researched the 'botox' fact enough to know for sure yet whether this just another fad or not - but we have been dealing in Bee Venom for a while and have learned some good information and received wonderful feedback on its uses for Joint Pain and Mobility

Does Bee Venom extraction Harm any Bees?

Some methods would harm the bees - however ApiHealth - whom we distribute - have developed a patented system for high concentration bee venom extraction without harming any bees.

How to use Bee Venom for joint pain and mobility?

Traditionally Bee Venom was administered via a Bee Sting Thearapy - which in fact involved several or more stings from live bees to inject the venom.

Now however - these same benefits are available and can be effectively delivered via a Cream, Tablet or by simply eating Bee Venom Infused honey such as ApiHealth Venz or ProVenz.

Are there any Side Effects of Bee Venom?

If you are allergic to Bee Stings, or Bee Products, it is recomended that you avoid Bee Venom products all together.

It is also highly recomended that you patch test creams to ensure no skin irritation occurs before applying liberally over large areas.

How long to do I need to use Bee Venom?

This depends on what you are treating. For pain and inflamation associated with Injury, use as required - otherwise for ongoing conditions such as Arthritis a more long term usage may be required for long term relief.

New Zealand Bee Venom?

New Zealand is renownd for the quality and purity of our Bee Products, and Bee Venom is no different. We stock ONLY products which are Manufacturered in New Zealand under New Zealand Food Safety Standards.

Where can I buy Bee Venom outside of New Zealand?

Bee Venom is actually very common and can be purchased from most pharmacies and health stores - however to get high quality Bee Venom, manufacturered in New Zealand, you may need to shop online.

Check out our range of Bee Venom Products manufacturered in New Zealand.

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