Payment Information
For those who are new to Online Purchasing and payments, it is quite natural for you to feel un-easy about the security of the Transaction; however the reality is that Online Payments are more secure than a similar Phone transaction, or even handing your card over the counter in a store.

We realise that there will always be an element of doubt when sending or receiving sensitive information. To ensure that your personal credit card details are kept secure while being transmitted over the internet, we use Signed SSL Certification Technology offering 2048 bit Encryption of your Personal and Credit Card details. You can see this security in operation when you submit any information to Body Booteek by the "https" which replaces "http" in the web address. Our certificate details can also be confirmed by Starfield Technologies, Inc.

Credit and Debit Cards:
Accepting VISA and Mastercard Credit/Debit cards. Please see above for our committment to the Security of your online payment.