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Pawpaw Ointment - Factsheet

What is Pawpaw Ointment used for?

Pawpaw Ointment has historically been used to effectively to clean wounds and can act as an Antiseptic Barrier, Moisturizer and can promote Healing for -

  • Dry, Cracking Skin (Lips, Hands, Feet or anywhere else required)
  • Chafing and Nappy Rash
  • Cuts and Open Wounds
  • Sun Burn, Burns and Scalds
  • Bruising
  • Pimples, Biols, Abcesses and Cysts
  • Mosquito Bites
  • Swelling associated with Injury
  • Open Wounds

Pawpaw Ointment works exceptionally well for Dry and Cracking Skin, Chafing and Nappy Rash and have personal testomials from several clients about its amazing effects.

"I am a retired buider, and have suffered from severely dry, cracking and sun damaged skin - working with my hands they suffer with large open cracks which cause alot of pain. Over the years I have tried many treatments making many promises. Lucas Pawpaw Ointment has virtually eliminated the cracking and pain associated with my dry hands. It can be slightly greasy, but my dry hands absorb it quickly. I apply liberally once a night before bed and it has worked wonders."
Wain Mitchell, Builder/Farmer - Tauranga, New Zealand

We are so confident you will be impressed that we offer a money back guarantee on stocked Papaw Ointments. Check out our range here today.

Does Pawpaw Ointment contain Petro-Chemicals?

Yes and no. Some brands do and some don't.

The most trusted Brand Name in Pawpaw Ointment is the Lucas Family (founded by Dr T P Lucas over 100 years ago) - who through years of study into the Pawpaws unique properties, formulated a means to effectively deliver these properties into the skin. To this day the Lucas Pawpaw ointment brand can be found in most pharmacies around New Zealand and Australia.

Lucas Pawpaw Ointment, while being the most trusted brand name, does however contain petro-chemicals.

How to use Pawpaw Ointment effectively?

It can vary Brand to Brand - however the most effective usage we have found is to use liberally before bed time - or as required. It works great on the Lips or Dry and Cracking Skin.

Are there any Side Effects of Pawpaw Ointment?

There are no known, or documented, cases of side effects to Lucas Papaw Oinement.

It is recomended you Patch Test all new ointments whether natural or not (pawpaw included) before using over large areas.

How long should I use Lucas Pawpaw Ointment?

This would depend on what you are treating. If it is an ongoing condition you may find that Lucas Papaw Ointment clears it up however may require retreatment as required.

How long until there is a result?

This varies - although it can provide relief immediately some ongoing ailments may take several treatments to show signs of improvement.

If symptoms persist please see your doctor or medical practicioner.

Is Pawpaw Ointment a Miracle Cure?

Well many will say yes as we have heard some amazing feedback regarding these products. We have conducted field experients and seen it help significantly with dry cracking skin, burns, chafing and nappy rash.

If you havent tried it - then we encourage you to try it and find out for yourself.

Where can I buy Pawpaw Ointment outside of New Zealand and Australia?

Online. There are very few shops which stock the ranges outside of New Zealand and Australia due to a lack of marketing.

Check out our range here today.

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